Vendicari – Provinz Siracusa Sizilien

Vendicari nähe von Valentino´s B&B Siracusa Fontane Bianche.

Vendicari ist ein Naturreservat, the spacious beach sections, Includes marshes and historical traces of the former inhabitants of Sicily.

On the first day we turned on the road Sp 19 from Noto to Pachino from the northern end of the reserve and thus arrived to the parking lot to the main entrance. There you can park all day for three euros and use the showers after swimming. However, these are the only facility for swimmers, denn Vendicari ist vorrangig ein Naturschutzgebiet. Parasol and meals must therefore be brought.

A five minute walk to the expansive beach we set up a small camp and enjoyed the clean water. Later we left our Fort, to explore the area. On roads and bridges we went through a huge Süß-/Salzwasser-Marschgebiet. Again and again we discovered traces of ancient salt basins there. The water was inhabited by wading birds such as spoonbills, their cries were heard from afar.

On the way to the north, we came to the remains of an old tuna fishery, where already fished the ancient Greeks and was abandoned in the forties of the last century. Very close we found the tourist center and the Torre di Vendicari-a tower of the 15. Century.

Unfortunately we have no pelicans, Seen flamingos or terrapins. Because the whole area may be entered only on the public highway, we have used a pair of binoculars, for the animals to be able to closely monitor.

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The second attempt started for us at the southernmost point of the park. If you go after the supposed entrance sign still around the corner and then turn right into the village, You can park for free at the roadside near the beach and then walk to the reservation.

First, we passed a monument to African refugees, that there 2007 are accident. Immediately we noticed, that the beach was lonely here than in the north.

On many branched Because we arrived only to the chapel, then the bird view cabins and abandoned farms, which is still partially out of the 18. Originate century.

Still, we found there feral crops such as olives- and carob trees. The most interesting for us were the Byzantine tombs, which are theoretically accessible.

Unfortunately, the inputs through spillage are very close and partially trashed.

Totzdem we could very well see the branched passages with the grave sites.

Vendicari we really liked because of the wide beach and the natural flora and fauna,

which is interspersed with archaeological remains of ancient Sicily.

Antje and Nicolas, July 2011